Why Are We Overweight?

By Joseph Giannotti | food

Jul 27

manin mirror ID-100224331Are you one of the millions trying your hardest to lose that excess weight only to end up sorely disappointed? Are you tired of feeling like a failure? Do you want to once and for all conquer your weight loss struggles?

If you are like most people, losing weight has been an ongoing battle for most of your life. You are not alone in this battle. Many individuals like yourself, (me included), struggle with excess weight and have tried countless numbers of weight loss programs that have left them disillusioned and frustrated. Losing weight only to gain it all back is one of the most disheartening and discouraging things in life. In order to be able to lose weight successfully, you must first understand what brought you here in the first place.

The most basic reason that we are overweight is our relationship with food.

How many times have you used food:
· As an excuse?
· To comfort yourself?
· When you’re depressed or anxious?

Just about any emotion can be connected with food and one way to break your food addiction is to find the root cause for your overeating. I know for me, my love (addiction) for chocolate started when I was very young. Every time I saw my grandmother, she gave me two things – a chocolate bar and a kiss. I associated chocolate = love.

Sometimes people eat out of boredom. They watch TV and immediately want to munch on some chips. Most people devour popcorn at the movies, just because it’s there and we have been conditioned to do so over the years. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger.

An abusive relationship with food is one of the most difficult things to correct. Unlike alcohol or drug addiction where you can take away the offending agent, food addiction is a completely different thing. You can’t just take food away. We need food to survive.

We should eat to live and not live to eat.

We need to be aware of what we eat and eat only enough to nourish us and have enough energy to get us through our daily activities. The problem is we often times overindulge ourselves, eating until we are stuffed. This overindulgence leads to the excess fat being stored in our bodies. Realizing that we have unhealthy food habits is the fist step to make the necessary changes.

Exercise and Weight loss

We often think that exercise is the key to losing weight. Exercise is only a small part of losing weight. In fact, many studies have shown that weight loss fat man transparent 1_4293919607programs focused on decreasing your caloric intake make you lose two to three times more weight than a program focused on increasing your physical activity. The majority of weight loss success is due to our eating habits. If we are able to control the amount and kind of calories that we eat and if we eat the right kinds of food then we are taking steps in the right direction to be able to lose weight successfully. Portion control is therefore a key factor to weight loss success.

Ideal Protein

Following a healthy eating lifestyle can be very hard especially if you’ve been used to gorging yourself or eating whatever you want, whenever you want. This is where the Ideal Protein diet can help. The Ideal Protein diet can be a strong foundation on your weight loss journey and will help you to break yourself of bad food habits and food addictions.

The Ideal Protein diet will help you to curb your appetite so you don’t go hungry and you’ll feel full for a longer period of time. By teaching you how to take control of your calories, carbs, sugar and fat safely, you will be moving towards and may finally experience the weight loss that you have been working hard to achieve.

Although the Ideal Protein weight loss program may not be for everyone, it does work if you follow it and many people have experienced incredible results. If you have been struggling to lose weight, it may be well worth your while to look into it. The program is offered nation-wide, medically developed and has a beginning, middle and end. Is it hard? That’s a relative question. Is being overweight or obese hard? Personally I feel it can be easy and hard, but definitely worth it. If you have been on the program or contemplating it, please leave your comments below.


About the Author

Joseph Giannotti has over 25 years in the customer service field and a strong interest in marketing, health and good causes. He is currently working as a customer service rep for Polymer Technologies and spends most of his time with his new passion as a ride share driver.