What is Ride Sharing World?

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We all love Uber and Lyft, the great on-demand ride sharing services that get you where you want to go in a snap. You launch the app, enter your trip details and within minutes a driver shows up at your location.

The only thing is, sometimes you have favorite drivers and would love to ride with them again, but you can't request them within the apps.

There may be some drivers you don't care for so much and others you like. It may be because some are friendly, and others are not. Perhaps some you trust and others not so much or maybe some drivers provide better service and amenities you like. No matter the reason, you can now schedule reservations for rides in advance quickly and easily. 

At Ride Sharing World we help put you in touch with the drivers of your choice. Ride Sharing World is a new on line reservation site designed to increase the value of your Uber or Lyft experience by letting you choose your favorite drivers and schedule them in advance of your trip.

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Increased Satisfaction

No surprises. When you have a driver who is your personal favorite, you'll be able to book him or her in advance.. If your driver is not listed, have them contact us.

New Service

This is a new service we're  just rolling out. It's quick and easy to use.
Great for longer distances .
We're looking for new service-oriented drivers to join our network in all areas.

No Cost

There is absolutely no cost to either the rider or driver to schedule a ride. The ride itself is paid for by the rider on their personal Lyft or Uber account through their app.

As of right now, there are three different Delaware rides and four drivers available. Other states and drivers will be added soon.

Delaware Lyft for Vets ride is the same thing as a regular Delaware Lyft with the difference being Ride Sharing World will make a $5.00 donation to Help The Veterans Fund ( a non-profit organization created to raise awareness about veterans issues and providing greater support for veterans) for anyone who completes a "Lyft for Vets" ride with Joseph.

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About Ride Sharing World

Joseph Giannotti started in the ride share industry just before Thanksgiving 2016. He quickly become addicted to driving ride share and loves meeting new people.  

 Joseph values and provides a high level of customer service to his riders. He initially started Ride Sharing World so he could personally accept scheduled rides for his customers and then decided why not open it up to other drivers?

If you are a service-oriented ride share driver for Lyft or Uber and would like to offer and accept scheduled rides hassle free and at no cost, contact us! 

Lyft and Uber both need drivers. 
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 At Ride Sharing World, it is our pleasure to match you the rider with the drivers of your choice 
You will be transported in a newer, clean, comfortable, shiny car with a professional driver who cares about your safety and satisfaction. Let's go for a ride and have some fun!