Mother’s Day – May Her Memory Be A Blessing

By Joseph Giannotti | family

May 08

Mother's Day - May Her Memory Be A Blessing

Mother's Day 2016 is here. I was thinking about my mom, aka "ma." My sister Jeanne came through for me and sent me some great pictures which I would like to share with you here.

me and mom on the deck

me and mom on the deck

Joseph and Sharon - Mom holding Gianni

Mom at the bar

“Our most ugliest tree - a conversation piece. Joey and I take credit for picking it out.”

beautiful mom

beautiful mom



Mom playing guitar

When talking about a loved one who has passed, our rabbi at temple, Micah Becker-Klein would often say "May their memory be a blessing." These memories of my mom are a blessing to me and my wish for you this mother's day is to re-live the cherished memories of your own mom. If you're feeling at all sad about your mom who may not be here, dig out those old pictures! May her memory be a blessing. And if you are fortunate to still have your mom with you, take lots of pictures and enjoy - celebrate mom!

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