Monkey Farts Anyone?

By Joseph Giannotti | food

Oct 04

Monkey farts? What the heck?

Yes! Here is a picture so of my wife Sharon smelling monkey farts! Although you would probably suspect 2015-10-04 10.27.22monkey farts would smell disgusting, perhaps they do when them come out of real monkeys…

Believe it or not Monkey Farts is a fragrance that actually smells pretty good. We met up with Justin Jarmon, owner of Soaps Garden, (

He has a booth at the Newark Natural Foods Co-op farmers market on main street in Newark, DE.

Justin explained to us that monkey farts was comprised of the following six oils: banana, bubblegum, 2015-10-04 10.27.41kiwi, grapefruit, strawberry and vanilla. Yum. In addition to smelling great, the soap helps exfoliate the skin thanks to the strawberry seeds.

All of Justin’s soap smells wonderful. We picked up a bar of lemongrass and my personal favorite plumeria, which is a sweet, pleasant smelling flower I was first introduced when living on the island of Kauai.

Sharon and I enjoy going to the farmer’s market, it’s such a fun place to go. Today I was looking at some produce when I unexpectantly got bumped. It was by a dog who just stole a cherry tomato from one of the stands and devoured it. Of course, no one eats for free as it’s hard work being a farmer. I was curious to see how the girl selling the tomatoes and such would respond. The dog owner apologized and the girl just laughed and said “That’s ok, he’s lucky he’s so cute.” It was what some might consider a simple, insignificant interaction, but to me it was nice and provided warm fuzzies.

2015-10-04 10.24.29

The displays of fresh produce are a wonderful sight to look at, nature’s art.
When Sharon wasn’t smelling monkey farts she was buying greens from Brittany at Flying Plow Farm, (

Brittany was great. Warm and friendly and quick to offer a sincere smile. It’s such a pleasure doing business with people who don’t behave like automatons. You know what I mean, the cashiers at large chains that say in a monotone voice, “thank you have a nice day, thank you have a nice day, thank you have a nice day.” It’s the automaton mantra.

A visit to the website of Flying Plow Farm impressed me. I love it that their chickens are raised out on the pasture, their cattle is grass fed and then their farming principles which read:

“These things we hold dear:

  • Soil is alive and we should promote that life with the use of compost, cover crops, and timely tillage.
  • Soil is alive and we should protect it by not using harmful, synthetic chemicals to kill weeds, to kill pests, or to fertilize.
  • Soil is the foundation of our farm, having a healthy soil will produce healthy vegetables, grass and hay.

These in turn produce healthy farmers, horses and livestock.”

Buying from your local farmers market helps support your community farmers. You never know who you’re going to see, what new friends you’ll make or how many great buys you can score. Please visit the farmers market next weekend and while you’re there, say hello to Justin and Brittany! If you’re not in our area and need help finding a farmers market in your area, you can visit Local Harvest.


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Joseph Giannotti has over 25 years in the customer service field and a strong interest in marketing, health and good causes. He is currently working as a customer service rep for Polymer Technologies and spends most of his time with his new passion as a ride share driver.