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Jul 17

Do you have a favorite scent or aroma that evokes warm, wonderful or nurturing feelings? Perhaps it’s a favorite perfume, the scent of freshly baked cookies, a hot apple pie, or the smell of fresh herbs like oregano, basil, or rosemary wafting through the kitchen at dinner. The old saying, “only the nose knows” comes to mind, in that it can be one of the strongest of our five senses that holds memory. We are always creating new memories and pathways in our brain through discovering new scents.

When we breathe, there are thousands of little hairs called “cilia” in our nose that help purify the air. Smell actually begins at the back of nose, where millions of sensory neurons lie in a strip of tissue called the olfactory epithelium. The tips of these nerve cells contain hundreds of receptors that bind odor molecules and react with smells in our environment. When an odor molecule binds with a receptor it sends an electrical signal to the olfactory bulb located at the base of our forebrain. Here the type of smell or aroma is detected, then transmits the information to area of the brain also responsible for taste. “New research suggests that your nose can outperform your eyes and ears, which can discriminate between several million colors and about half a million tones. “It’s time to give our sense of smell the recognition it deserves.” said Leslie Vosshall, a key researcher from Rockefeller University. There have also been may notable research studies done on aromatherapy and its benefits.

Our skin, as well, being the largest organ of the body, holds millions of neurons, or nerve cells that respond to various touch, motion, and stimuli. Since it’s a porous organ, it can absorb material when applied to it. Think about the scent and feel of your favorite body lotion or oil.

In enters Aromatherapy, its practice and study very much in vogue now, actually dates back more than 2500 years ago. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine then held that “the key to good health rests on having a daily aromatic bath and scented massage’... Many people are now realizing, and being helped with wonderful herbs, oils, and aromatic blends that aromatherapy provides. (Alliance of International Aromatherapists)

JV Farms Essential Oils

John, Sharon and Vanessa

I’ve had the opportunity to rep a few larger aromatherapy companies in the past, and I’m always on the lookout for good quality products. At our local Farmer’s Market in Newark, DE. I came upon a small family owned company, JVFams with which we’ve quickly become impressed. In fact, it far surpasses many other companies in terms purity, delivery, heart, and company mission.

JVFarms is owned and operated by husband and wife team Vanessa and John Hodgkins, who proudly dedicate themselves to providing the highest quality personal care products available. Their main mission is to produce natural healing products in order to “make one’s life healthier.” Vanessa says, “ We are committed to creating products that promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit.”

JV-Farms Oregano

After a major illness, Vanessa was forced to look at the way in which she approached her health. It was through the use of essential oils, herbal remedies, and quality living that she regained her health. It worked, because she is clearly a vibrant, radiant woman, who has the passion, drive and energy for her busy family life as well as a blossoming business. Vanessa states that this is a venture done with love. It’s become a true passion for this fun loving couple who work well over 40 hours a week. When you walk past their booth at any of the farmers markets, there are always people asking questions, and both John and Vanessa are more than willing to talk about their products. It is clear that they have a deep regard for people, are kind, and easily approachable.

Vanessa is especially enthusiastic about aromatherapy and herbal remedies which is clear when meeting her. She is a delight with the comfort of speaking to an old friend. Specifically, her background is as a clinical aromatherapist, with experience in business logistics, marketing, sales and supply management. John’s background is in transportation, agriculture, and as an artisan steam distiller. John’s expertise makes for a remarkable team, and an impeccable final product. He expertly inspects and cares for every product from start to finish.

JV-Farms Green house

The truly unique thing aside from it being a local business, is that they carefully, make their products in small batches from organic botanicals that they grow from seed in their own greenhouses. They are able to offer therapeutic grade essential oils and their aromatherapy products at a very fair price considering they are a small two person operation. They have created unique blends with fun names to help combat everyday issues, like “headache helper”, “Hormonal Harmony”, “Pain Reliever”, “Anxiety Assistant” to name a few, all made with special synergistic combinations of herbs and oils to give the greatest results. There are also single oils such as “Lovely Lavender” or “Oregano RX”.

Not only are the single oils, and blends better than phenomenal, the delivery system and packaging is expert. Of course, delivery is through the nose and skin, but Farms has done it in a unique way for a small company. They offer roll ons, inhalers, and hydrosol sprays. Many oils must be used in a diffuser and are not meant for use directly on the skin, however, these oils are safe, gentle, pure, and “made to be used” directly on the skin, or as an inhaler where the most beneficial and the best therapeutic effects can be gleaned.

In the future JV Farms plans to “expand and grow our product line as well as purchase a larger sustainable farm in which we will grow acres of organic herbs”.   With a larger farm and production facility they will be poised and ready to expand into Whole Foods and Wegmans, another future goal. Given their passion, drive, and the quality of their products this will not be far off. In the meantime, during the summer, you can find JV Farms at:
Havre de Grace Farmers Market on Saturday and
Newark Farmers Market on Sunday

Anyone who has as much clear intention, and passion as Vanessa and John is bound to do well. We thoroughly enjoy seeing them, and you should be sure to stop by JV Farms to meet them, or at least look at the website, and make a purchase for yourself, or for a special gift. You’ll be glad you did.






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