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It all started on a quest about 40 years ago when Sharon decided that she wanted to be a vegetarian, a yogi, and live a more natural holistic and fulfilling life which wasn’t so popular back then. She’d eat only lettuce and carrots for weeks with no in depth knowledge of the art or science of nutrition, get sick, eat a hamburger, eat more veggies, get sick again, then clog her system with years of nothing but lots of eggs and dairy, continuing this cycle while learning and teaching yoga, working as a preschool and elementary teacher with stints as an administrator in a law firm and for the stock exchange where she learned about the corporate world.

After years of trial and error, she was introduced to macrobiotics, which created a structure from which to build. Working as a Macrobiotic and Natural foods teacher, cook, and caterer, led her to positions of counseling others to make better lifestyle choices, while giving her the ability to create unique workshops that helped enhance her client’s lives offering the best products and services the marketplace had to offer. Living in Hawaii for 12 years, gave her the opportunity to extend her sales, educational, and nutritional skills by working as a parent educator, child advocate, and as an associate broker in the natural foods industry. Once moving back to the mainland, she continued to her expand her knowledge and work in the field of nutrition and healing.

Sharon’s unique experience, also allows her to be an advocate, bridging the gap between various types of healing modalities. She is a two-time cancer survivor, once winning a battle with a rare childhood cancer at 2 years old. Some called it a miracle at best, though it was mainly due to the skilled and God-like hands and heart of the late surgeon Dr. Everett Koop, former surgeon general of the United States, whose fame at the time was limited to the children and families he touched. As Sharon grew, she knew there was something unique and different about her. She also learned from a young age that she must learn to become her own best advocate in order to secure her future good health and an active lifestyle.

The second mighty bout with cancer came many years later in the form of pancreatic cancer, a battle which she fought and won through an incredible medical team at Penn Medicine, hard work, grace, time, and determination, fortitude, and an innate knowledge of alternative skills that got her through some of the darker days.

In recent years, she has worked as an associate broker representing some of the best health-related products and services on the market today. Her knowledge of diet, nutrition and various healing modalities have led her from working with companies like 4-Life Research, Melaleuca, and working with a host of other companies in the natural foods industry, owning her own business, creating health workshops and seminars in addition to practicing Reiki. She has also worked as an independent rep with Melaleuca, 4-Life Research, and a host of other companies in the Natural Health Field.

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